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Magazín Bilingüe de Sátira Política, Humor,  Anécdotas, Cuentos, MASCOTAS y Algo de Literatura Puertorriqueña

Bilingual Magazine of political satire, Humor, Anecdotes, Short Stories, Pets and Mascots and some puertrorrican literature

San Juan--Puerto Rico



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My Sloop Estella Maris

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The Estella Maris (Sea Star), was a 30 footer Masthead Sloop designed by Gary Mull and built in Costa Mesa Cal., of 30 feet LOA and 11 feet beam. She drew only 5 feet and displaced 8,500 lbs with a ballast of 2,600 lbs. She also had a 30Hp Universal Diesel Auxiliary power.  Originally when I bought it, she was steered with a cane rudder, but I later installed a Wheel which gave me more space aft. Likewise I had installed a 50 gals., fresh water tank (never enough), used basically for cooking purposes. For drinking water, I always used two collapsible containers which y put under the bow compartments, with a simple manual operated air pump to access the water. I had her berthed in Marina Puerto Chico from where the original owner Tato Requena sailed. Later, through the years, moved to other marinas like: Isleta Marina, Roosevelt Road’s Marine (why? Because at the time was a US Attorney and was able to find a space there). Well I wanted to explore the South Coast of Puerto Rico, so I sailed her down to Salinas and berth there for a couple of years and until I moved to Culebra Island where I lost her.


Estella was roomy, very comfortable and unusually bright lit down below.  Her original  3 burner gimbaled stove I replaced with a Lpg Gas (out side Tank) 4 burner stove ( I love to cook and the alcohol stove  did not live up to my needs. I also bought one of those small diesel generators; I don’t quite remember its make, but I think it was Toyama. Noisy as hell, but y could make ice (keep beer cold and meats from spoiling when I was unable to get ice blocks for the big ice box. There are places in the islands where blocks of ice are unavailable and only the common bagged small cubs are found. As you know, this stuff don’t last long. One thing you ought to learn real fast in sailing is to drink your beer lukewarm and your rum and coke, well  any way you can.


Coming from a Cal 25 and later a 28, I found Stella roomy and spacious; I just plain loved her and she was always y mean always, good to me and easy to sail.  I had sometime before, a Piver Trimaran (Jester), which I bought from a Navy Captain who was sent to the West Coast from Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba. I ran it aground right on the shore reef of Cabezas de San Juan, coming back with some friends from Luquillo Beach. What? Yes we were all loaded and paid no attention of very old boat ribs sticking out of the reef because it was low tide and in the middle of June. She drew only a foot, so it just other times flew over the same spot without any problem. It veered towards the shore when impacted with one of these ribs and just plain kept going, this time in a reach, until it imbedded, so-of-speak on the reef which took part of her underbelly. You know that Cats and Tries are very, very fast.  Well yes in minutes we were swamped with water in two feet of reef. She got completely destroyed. I salvaged as much as I could but the rest was lost. Yes yes. I had it insuredJesus Christ!


You see this why I had this special love and admiration for Stella Maris. I saw my kids grow up in Stella and they learned to sail with her. I also spent a Honey Moon there when I sailed her to the Grenadines for a whole two months vacation (please don’t make me tell you with whom). As  matter of facts we even went as far as margarita Island, in the East Coast of Venezuela. I think, I must have hit one way or the other, all the rocks from Fajardo ( East Coast of PR) down through the Virgin Islands—US &.,British—and  the Lesser Windward’s and so forth. Boy what a joy! the memories! the experiences!.  Yes I will tell you some.

My Experiences in the Stella Maris

Stories about Giant Squids That appears from time to time

in the Vieques Sound

Map of the Area of encounters with the Monster